The Moore Family Ancestry Project

I started with a simple goal of learning where my family roots are. What I found was a never-ending labyrinth of answers from my ancient roots to my recent roots.

These answers revealed a connection to the first cave paintings in France and to my 15th Great Grandfather born 1415 in Wales. More recently, my family roots revealed when my relatives immigrated to America, that my 5th great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, that my 3rd Great Grandfather fought in the Battle of San Jacinto, and to murders of relatives in Georgia and Texas.

This is by no means a comprehensive account of my family roots. It’s merely a summary of interesting branches on my family tree.

Every family connection mentioned here is in relation to my father, William Alvin Moore, Jr. (Al), and to my mother, Glenna Keith Coffey Moore (Glenna).

My father is the son of William Alvin MOORE, Sr. and Eloise Elizabeth LOVE. My mother is the daughter of John Askew COFFEY and Margaretta May SANDERS. Thus, shares information and stories from these families:


Beginning with family records, I was able to map out family roots back four or so generations. Using family trees maintained by others on, I was able to “potentially pinpoint” our European roots for the LOVE and COFFEY families. Our SANDERS family roots are inconclusive and our MOORE family European roots are unknown. (Keep in mind, pinpointing family roots back to Europe isn’t always 100% accurate.)

This website is divided into five sections that tell the story of the Moore Family.

        1 – Ancient Roots: learn what our DNA tells us about our ancient ancestors

        2 – European Roots: find out where generations before us potentially lived in Europe

        3 – American Roots: learn when and where our family came to America

        4 – Long Ago Profiles: stories of relatives from the 1800s and early 1900s

        5 – Recent Profiles: remembrances of our parents, mothers/wives, and other family members

The Video Archives includes home video from the 1960s & 1970s, as well as a priceless home video from 1939. The Resources page includes downloads of letters and keepsakes in addition to family tree information.

This project was done as a gift to my Texas Moore family — Al (father), Marty (sister), Trip (brother), Jackie (sister-in-law), Blair (nephew), and Hannah (niece). I hope you enjoy learning about your roots as much I did digging up our roots.

John Hardin Moore

Austin, Texas
May 2012

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